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Tuesday 17th July 2018
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Triumph 2000 Register news
08 March 2014
Lethal Drizzle
They say "it never rains but it pours" but ever since becoming the custodian of Syd, our 1966 2000, I've become increasingly aware at "it never rains but it drizzles".

The wiper switch on a Mk 1 big six is not operated by a new-fangled but ever-so convenient column mounted stalk, but by a chunky rocker switch mounted on the right hand side of the dashboard. Whilst it does fall fairly easily to and, when the dreaded drizzle strikes, taking your hand from the wheel every few seconds to operate the switch can become a little tiresome.

Darren Grove's recent Courier article was very timely and really informative, intermittent wipers would definitely be a boon.

However the kit that Darren used involved soldering - something I am absolutely rubbish at, unless success can be counted by the number of blobs of solder on the floor.

I was also keen to avoid having to install any extras switches or buttons on the dashboard, so I decided to look at alternatives for those of us less electronically inclined.

I found a product named Smartscreen, a programmable unit that works from the existing wiper switch, so requires no extra buttons or controls. A handy flowchart on their website helps you choose the correct version for your application. Working through the options available I settled on SS08/P - suitable for vipers that self-park, on a positive to negative earth converted car, with optional wash/wipe function and positive switched washer pump. This didn't seem to be available on 'he ordering page but an email to Smartscreen provided a prompt and friendly response - it was a "special" and would take just a couple of days longer to get to me. Once it arrived I was impressed by how neat 'he unit was, just a small grey box with five spade connectors (Photo 1). The instructions provided were easy to follow, and for the intermittent wiper function the unit requires just four connections, with a fifth connection for the optional wash/wipe function. The wiring diagram here is based on the unit I fitted, but I think other versions of the Smartscreen controller will all be variations on this theme.

The connections to the unit are as the Table Shown. Programming the unit is very straightforward, and is achieved using the standard wiper switch. Since I was inside the garage at the time, I pulled the wipers away from the screen to prevent dry blades rubbing against glass. To program the intermittent delay you operate the wipers for a single wipe, wait the length of time you would like the delay to be, then operate again for a single wipe. The delay is then programmed and the wipers will continue to operate at this interval. If at any stage you want to vary the delay, you simply repeat this process. To cancel the program, simply flick the wipers once again. Switching the wipers to constant will work as it would have previously, and will of course also cancel the intermittent program. As an added bonus, the optional wash/wipe functionality of the unit I had chosen gives three wipes of the screen when the washers are operated - just like a modern car!

There is a small LED lamp on the unit that helps with learning how to operate it (Photo 2), but it was very easy to use and within a couple of attempts I was happy that I could locate the unit discretely behind the dash using some Velcro pads. Should the unit malfunction, which hopefully it won't, it is very easy to revert to the original wiring setup. I haven't had chance to test the new installation out on the road yet, but with the British summer just around the corner, I should have many opportunities! Until next month ...

Photo 2
Wiring diagram
Connections to the unit
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