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Triumph Herald 13/60 Estate


The 13/60 was the last version of the Herald, intended to update the original concept for a final fling. Production started at the end of August 1967 and the model was launched in the October. It was fitted with the 1296cc engine which it shared with the Triumph 1300 FWD car. This gave it 25% more power than the 1200 model. The same engine was also used in a higher-tuned form in the Mk III Spitfire and 1300TC.

It was available in the usual Saloon, Estate and Convertible versions but with revised front end styling based on the Vitesse bonnet fitted with single 7 inch headlamps. It had redesigned and more comfortable seats plus a revised dashboard.

Estates always had 9 gallon fuel tanks, fitted under the boot floor. Later cars were fitted with Mk IV Spitfire steering locks.

As with the rest of the range, parts availability is very good with most mechanical parts easy to come by. Original and reproduction body panels plus repair sections for the most vulnerable areas are also obtainable from a large number of suppliers, although Estate-specific parts are less common.

Even in standard form, the 13/60 is the most driveable of the range, the handling of the Estate version also benefiting from a much stiffer rear spring. Heralds in general regularly figure in articles about good starter classics in terms of ease of maintenance, value for money and just plain fun.

Estate production ended in May 1971. Good examples are sought after and have been fetching good prices in recent times, quite a bit above saloons. This is partly due to their rarity - a couple of years ago there were only about 75 licensed for road use in the UK plus around another 50 on SORN.

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Span: August 1967 to May 1971
Quantity: 17118


Cost when new: £774

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Acceleration: 17.7 secs
Top speed: 84 mph
Power: 61 bhp @ 5000 rpm
Torque: 73 lbft @ 3000 rpm
MPG: 28-30 mpg


Configuration: Four cylinders, in-line
Aspiration: Normal
Fuel: Petrol
Fuel delivery: Stromberg 150CD Carburettor


Front suspension: Independent, coil spring over damper
Rear suspension: Independent, transverse, 7-leaf, semi-elliptic spring
Drivetrain: Front-engine, rear wheel drive
Steering: Rack and pinion
Bodyframe: Chassis and separate body
Transmission: Four-speed manual


Length: 12ft 9in (3886 mm)
Wheelbase: 7ft 7.5in (2320 mm)
Width: 5ft 0in (1524 mm)
Height: 4ft 4in (1321 mm)
Kerb weight: 17.75 cwt (900 kg)


Loading area, seats up.
The distinctive tailgate and 13/60 badging.
The interior.
This car has a Mk2 Vitesse steering wheel and two extra gauges.


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