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Welsh, South Wales Area news

09 July 2019

S.Wales July News

The Club in South Wales had a very busy month kicked off with The Cardiff City Classic Car Show on Sunday 19th May which was well attended and a very enjoyable event as always. Bern attended the A48 show just outside Cardiff at St Nicolas in his Standard Vanguard on Saturday 25th May and reported a well-attended show new to the event calendar. Three club cars made the run to Pecorama at Beer in Devon on Bank Holiday Sunday 26th May and John and Mike in their now not so immaculate white Acclaim had a close encounter of the 40 ton kind on the way home (Cautionary Tale Attached worth a read). The following day Monday 27th we attended the Glamorgan Classic Car Club Show at Sully in the Vale of Glamorgan. All credit to John and Mike who attended in their other Acclaim and the immaculate Ford Sierra they have in the Monmouth Mafia car collection. The show was well attended with good weather all day apart from the constant wind playing havoc with the club flags.
Kewstoke Village Fete and Classic Car Show near Weston Super Mare Sat 20th July
Club Meeting at The Lighthouse Inn St Brides Tuesday 30th July
Porthcawl Lions Club Vintage Fair Sat 3rd August at Porthcawl Rugby Club
Pontypridd Vintage Festival Sat 10th August at War Memorial Park
Skewen Motor Club Show Sun 11th August at Gnoll Country Park Neath
Cardiff City Stadium Show 20th May 2018
It is a relatively short run to Cardiff City Stadium we had planned to meet at junction 33 on the M4 and drive in an orderly queue, not a convoy to arrive together. Miky J was in position in the immaculate GT6 and we were soon joined by the Monmouth Mafia, John and Mike in the Acclaim and Thumper Watson in his 1500 spit. Bern and Jack arrived in the Standard Vanguard sporting lots of Arsenal memorabilia just to rub salt in the wound of Cardiff's recent temporary exit from the Premiership. It was all tops down as it was a lovely morning and the sun was already preparing for a scorcher. Rob and Pete arrived in their red 13/60 convertible now for sale as he is moving into Stag territory. Mo and Eddy arrived in the 13/60 and Mike the Cake in his modern day Auto Union Sport.
With everyone accounted for we set off towards Cardiff and drove the short few miles to the home of the Blue Birds and South wales football optimism. After parking up and getting the flags organised we noticed a lost looking young chap called Jonah and his dad in a yellow spitfire looking for somewhere to park. We welcomed them alongside and got chatting and hopefully a new younger member, now that's rare. We were soon taking in the great number of excellent local classics on show as well as an abundance of trade stalls and auto jumble (or genuine spares as we now refer to it). Breakfast at the local ASDA was in order and to be fair is one of the highlights of the morning with Bern's loyalty card ten all you can eat breakfasts for ten pounds FANTASTIC. We headed back to the show just in time for AO Al's tea and coffee flasks to boil and a fine cup of luke warm coffee was the order of the day. The Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock was spotted by Bern rummaging through the genuine spares (auto jumble) for bits for his Herald convertible as he will have a lot more time on his hands next season The car park surface made it a rather hot afternoon and we were soon flagging but the dulcet tones of Steady Eddy from GT FM on the microphone kept us all asleep.
As always time marched on and it was time to leave another really successful Cardiff home draw. We bade our various farewells and made our separate ways via the turnstiles
The run back was very pleasant as the traffic was in our favour. As we pulled off at our various turn offs I thought "what a great day out and what we lacked in numbers was more than made up with the quality of the Cardiff supporters"
Pecorama Vintage Car Show Sun 26th May 2019
For anyone in the south west this is a great show and a super location Beer in Devon which is very inviting in name alone. Located near Axmouth the venue is also the Pecorama Model Railway Museum so there is lots to do and see. We had met up at Magor on the M4 and travelled the down with Paul G and Dotty leading the way in the Vitesse convertible with myself in my 1500 Spit and The Mafia, Mike and John providing rear cover in the immaculate white Acclaim. It was fairly uneventful until we came off the motorway and took to the B roads where we encountered a 2CV obviously heading for Beer as well. It later emerged that the Mafia had encountered the same car driven by the same retired couple last year and we proceeded the remaining miles at a snail's pace literally.
On arrival we caught up with our friends from Devon and Cornwall TSSC. Thanks Sue for making us feel very welcome. The show was well attended and we made use of the Pecorama CafÈ for Brunch and a well-earned free coffee while Paul and Dotty amused themselves on the miniature railway. It was all too soon over and time to head north again. All was well until John and Mike got side swiped by a 40 ton artic driven by some inconsiderate who thinks mirrors are an inconvenience. It happened just as Paul and I had committed to the M4 turn off on the M5 and I could see John in front of the lorry after the incident gesturing to pull over. The lorry did stop and John called the Police who said that if there were no injuries they would not attend. The lorry driver said to John your word against mine jumped in his cab and drove off. All this in full view of the CCTV on what is a very busy Bristol interchange. Fortunately Mike and John were OK but the immaculate Acclaim is not so immaculate having suffered a dented door and badly caved rear wheel arch. A cautionary tale to all of our friends driving classics on the main roads!
I thought to myself that was a close one, Mike and John's misfortune was certainly made up for with a bit of luck as that could have been so much worse.

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