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Northern, North East Area news

09 July 2019

N.East July News

   Well the show season is well under way now, since the first official run out of the year on the Bobby Shaftoe I have done over 550 miles in 6 weeks, and with shows coming up in Berwick and our picnic run up to the Tan Hill, and our trip down to the Silverstone classic in July, it looks like I will be clocking up a fair few miles this year.
   Kev, Andy Boyes, Myself, and Mick in the Caterham went along to the classic show at Witton Castle, about 100 cars on display there but not a lot more there to do, its was very informal show, no booking was required, just turn up and park . It was nice to see Andy out in his Dolomite again,The solid Carb mounts appear to be working fine, after the rubber ones collapsed last year. If it had been a nice sunny day it would be a nice venue, with the Castle and parkland as a backdrop, and probably a lot more vehicles, it stayed dry all day until we got home, so not such a bad day anyway..
   Thirstane Castle. We had a good day out at Thirlstane in Lauder, we took 5 cars up that day and the weather forecast was really poor, but the heavy rain that was forecast never materialised, we did have a few showers during the day, but definitely not what we expected. i never had to put my wipers on all day, Rainex works a treat when travelling over 40mph  it is a long run up to Lauder , which is only 25 miles or so from Edinburgh. My total mileage for that day was 210 miles,  We met up with the TSSC group from Scotland, they had 18 club cars on show, we cant get anywhere near that amount when we display. Thanks for arranging this event goes to Joe who also provided hot pies from his manifold, the Scottish lot have never done Manifold cooking, but I am sure they will be trying this in future.
   On the car front Brian Armstrong's Stag is mobile again, he brought it to Junes meeting, it still needs a few jobs completing, and a good clean but he intends to take it to Silverstone, and possibly tow a  caravan with it, if he gets a one in time, Brian is getting to old for sleeping in tents, or so he said  after the North York's Triumph weekend.
    Chris Fish brought his Gentry to May's meeting, but had to get towed home, perhaps giving it to Kevan may be a possibility after all.
    All those who have booked for the Silverstone Classic, we will be getting together at July's meeting to discus what we need to take, and who will be taking what, I understand that one of the parade lap this year will be for small chassis Triumphs. which will take place on Saturday afternoon.
   Steve Overall asked me if I could help with an oil change on his Spitfire, he was having difficulty removing the sump plug, well I tried but to no avail, I was worried that I was going to snap the plug out of the sump, so  told him to take it back to the garage who done his last oil change, and get them to take it out as they put it in, sump plugs don't need to be that tight, I always wrap the threads with a little PTFE tape to reduce the change of oil leaks. So while I had his car here I oiled his trunnion's and greased his nipples.
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