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Midland, Peterborough Area news

02 May 2019

Peterborough May News

Our April Area Meeting is the first since the clocks changed so there was an air of positivity amongst our gathering that spring has arrived, and winter is now but a distant memory. Let's hope so!
A decent number made the trip to The Five Horseshoes, including Andrew Bramwell, who we haven't seen for a while. Nice to see you again Andrew!
Sadly, the daylight still isn't long enough, nor the temperature high enough, to tempt too many of us outside. However, both these factors will improve over the next few meetings, so we hope to see the car park brimming with Triumphs over the coming months.
We also hope you will get your Triumphs out and about at weekends as the weather improves and the shows and events start to come thick and fast. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the planned trip to Arbuckles Diner for Breakfast and Jazz. I think we only had 4 participants in 2 cars so not really a worthwhile excursion. That said Doug mentioned the possibility of a trip out to the Bubble Car Museum at Langrick, or possibly Heckington Mill, followed by tea at Laddies Ice Cream in Holbeach. This received a pretty positive response so Doug will make some more enquiries.
Doug was speaking to Laddies in connection with their attendance at the Baston Car Show later in the summer - which brings us nicely onto this event. As Doug is one of the main organisers of the show, he really needed someone to take on the TSSC organiser role. Steve Abbott stepped up for this task and I have to say, again the reaction on the night was extremely positive. If you would like to go to this growing local event, please get in touch with Steve to register, so he can submit all our details nearer the time. For information the show is on Sunday July 7th and note the venue has changed this year to Grimsthorpe Castle. I have set myself the personal challenge of getting there and back in the Vitesse without having to change coils!
Doug and I were chatting recently about a spate of burglaries in my village. Some villagers have proposed we have CCTV installed on all the roads into the village. Is this 'Big Brother' approach really necessary? Well clearly it is when it comes to motoring as EU regulations are due in 2022 to restrict car speeds using artificial intelligence so the speed limit is never exceeded. So, Doug and I just wondered what impact this might have on our cars. Will they become more desirable as a result? The smaller Heralds and Spitfires will be able to keep up with modern day traffic as it won't be able to exceed 70mph, and the more powerful TRs, Stags, GT6s and Vitesses will be able to happily exceed the speed limits without 'Big Brother' intervention. Food for thought eh?
Our next meeting is on Monday May 13th at the Five Horseshoes, Barholm near Stamford. We generally meet from around 8pm and finish around 10 to 10:30pm. We'd love to welcome you along for a noggin, natter and nosh, plus a chance to win a quality prize in our monthly raffle! If you can bring a Triumph along as well, then you are already a winner in my eyes! Do try to join us.
That's all for now
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