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02 May 2019

M25 May News

Hi everyone, here we go gathering nuts in May.  The show season should be in full swing by now with a few outings already under our belt.  But before anything else  there's a bit of old news to report on. 
Way back in March six of us had a trip up to Liverpool.  No Triumphs were involved, just a social weekend.  We had a cracking time, taking in local museums, nice restaurants, pubs and of course a few Beatle related things.  We saw the excellent Cavern Club Beatles on the Friday night in where else but the Cavern.  It was absolutely packed and a brilliant night.  On Saturday night the lads were let loose as the girls, after a busy day sightseeing turned in for an early night.  We headed off for the bright lights and the live music but it was a bit of an old lads pub crawl as we were home after only 4 pints ha ha.  Liverpool is such a great place to visit, loads to do and you have to have the obligatory ride on the famous ferry across the Mersey, and yes they really do play the song every time the ferry sets off. 
Our first event, sort of, with the cars was this years annual tinkering day.  Held as usual at the Hill residence.  The neighbours do love their annual treat of Triumphs taking over the street ha ha.  We only had 3 cars turn up this year for attention as quite a few of the regular attendees are still off the road.  But as we're such a social bunch the ones without cars turned up anyway for chitchatting and cake.  We had a Spitfire and 2 Vitesse's to work on which didn't take long.  I think we spent more time chatting than actually getting our hands dirty.  Meanwhile, indoors the girls were enjoying themselves as well, getting through 3 bottles of wine between them and they swear they don't drink ha ha.  Once again Tinkering Day was a good laugh and went too quickly.  Thanks to all who made it and thanks for all your contributions with food and beers.  And as Mr Kipling said - Donna you do make exceedingly good cakes. 
And now onto what nearly became a disaster.  We had been meaning to, for weeks, to get on and book our trip to Laon for this years Laon Historique.  We finally got round to doing it at the beginning of April and horror of horrors we found there wasn't enough spaces left at the campsite for us all.  Doom and gloom soon reigned until our heroine Laura stepped in and sorted it all out for us by phoning the organisers direct. Luckily six camping plots were found and held for us. So, disaster averted and Laon, here we come.  Big thanks to you Laura!!  Whilst on the subject of Laon, those that are going need to be aware that because of Brexit the government are saying that if your passport expires within 6 months of travel you should renew it before hand.  Also, the drivers will probably need to obtain an International Drivers Permit (IDP) which is available from Post Offices.  As well as this you may need to contact your car insurer to obtain a Green Card. 
And so, on to this years show season and the first one was the Heritage Show at Detling.  The weather was a bit grim but 3 cars turned out and braved the elements, Paul in his TR6, Brian and Jean in Lightning and us in the Herald.  Malc and Chris also popped over, sans cars just to have a mooch round.  They didn't stay long though, enticed round Dickie Boys with the promise of bacon rolls.  Colin and the rest of the West Kent Area were also here, including Phil and Simon and they  had bagged a spot inside the hall, lucky people ha ha.  It was a bit cold and rainy outside where we were but it did give us the opportunity to test out the new gazebo.  The good news is that it stood up to the elements well although a little modification is needed to the wall sides to stop them flapping.  It shouldn't take Donna too long ha ha. 
Until next month TTFN
 May Events -
Sunday 5th/Monday 6th - Weald Park Country Show
Sunday 12th - South of England Meet (poss camping weekend)
Sunday 19th - Stowe Maries wings and Wheels
Sunday 26th/Monday 27th - Enfield Pageant

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