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02 May 2019

Cambridge May News

Despite it being April the First we engineered a great day of Doing more with our Triumphs. Fifteen of us managed to squeeze on to a rare tour of Ivor Searle's magnificent engine remanufacturing facilities at Soham, where they do quite a few of our Triumph engines. A separate writeup appears in the Courier elsewhere, but the care and dedication, coupled with the skill and experience that they demonstrated was truly inspiring. It was a truly great visit and one which I'm sorry that we couldn't get more people on, and that we're unlikely to be able to repeat one like it very quickly.
We did have one April Fool who had a fuelling issue on the way home. The issue was that there wasn't any. Yours truly will have to get his fuel gauge working even if it means unsticking the nasty twist lock sender unit that had to be glued to the tank and doing it all again. Luckily Mike Barrett was following us and was able to give me a lift to a nearby petrol station for one of those green plastic one gallon cans of unleaded to get us home. Rob Pearce stopped by too, just to make sure the passing traffic really noticed the fool in the red Triumph Herald!
That evening we assembled at the Plough with a showing of seven beautiful Triumphs, an impressive number with their roof down in the lovely evening, and another half dozen or so in moderns. Discussions inevitably covered the engineering works at Ivor Searle that we'd seen earlier in the day but also excitement built even further about the North West Coast 850 trip that Toby and others have been organising after Toby handed out the impressive personalised T-shirts for. There will no doubt be a writeup of that trip in a future Courier. People also commented on the smoothness of Mike's electronic fuel injection conversion in his 13/60 and there was a rather technical discussion of the twin points solution used in Stags to give a large enough dwell angle on a V8 from an octagonal distributor shaft.
One thing that was humbling was that the group could see that one of our number was looking a bit down in the mouth, me. And they set about helping get it sorted. On the way to the Ivor Searle tour I found that cornering to the right caused the nearside rear tyre to rub on the wheel arch rather alarmingly. It appeared that the rear spring had just about given up supporting the rear of my car and that was making me feel as low as my car's wheel arches were. I had just had the hub and rotoflex on the other side replaced following an advisory on my MoT in readiness for the North West Coast 850 trip and now I had a failed spring I needed to fix in a matter of a couple of weeks. Talk about one thing after another! It was all rather depressing and somehow it was getting the better of me. The support of the group, however, in helping to diagnose and then suggest plans of attack to fix it were very humbling indeed; people were lying under my car in the carpark with only the lights on their mobile phones to see what might be the problem. That is what this club is all about and it was truly lovely and uplifting to be on the receiving end of so much willingness to pitch in and help.
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