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Welsh, South Wales Area news

27 March 2019

March area news

I n South Wales we are out on runs or attending events as
soon as there is a glimmer of hope that Spring is in the air.
This month we were out attending the Great Western Classic
Car Show at Shepton Mallet on Saturday 9th Feb which is
one of the earliest events in the show calendar. This was a
well-attended show with many enthusiasts getting their cars
out in the winter sun despite a few heavy showers. One shower
in particular really caught a few out and one poor chap displaying
a rolling project Sunbeam Alpine was seen actually
knocking out the drain plugs in his footwell's to let the rain
water out. The joys of ye olde toneau cover. The following day
Sunday 10th February we attended the Triumph Spares Day
at Stoneleigh. Unfortunately due to a clerical error we left without
Paul G but he did catch up with us at the show and has
been milking the apologies ever since. We filed past the hundreds
of disappointed MG owners who had been lead to
believe there were genuine spare available for MG's at the
show. There were many bargains to be had and some really
good quality parts available. We caught up with many old
friends including Bernard from TSSC who was looking for
Crazy George to sign autographs and do selfies on the club
stand. Miky J, Rob, Ant, Bern and Myself carried our bag fulls
of bargains back to the cars and after a late sweep of the
show we headed back in daylight to Cardiff. Another great
weekend out with the club.
With the highly unusual but equally welcome Mediterranean
weather of 20deg or more and the sun already warming our
faces we gathered at the Two Arches CafÈ Pencoed at
Junction 35 of the M4. As I arrived the Mafia Cortina getaway
car was parked up and Crazy George was 'preparating' his
immaculate 13/60 Convertible for the tops down journey west.
He was pulling and hauling at his soft top and referring to
chapter F section F of his owner's manual. "That's it" he
exclaimed in frustration "I can't be bothered with this
stupid roof I'm selling the car and buying a Mustang" The
Monmouth Mafia Mike and John were looking on from the
CafÈ window with much amusement as Mals per hour
and Stephen the Hammer pulled up in The Mystery
Machine. Rob and Pete arrived in Ruby their 13/60
convertible as George started eying up their immaculate
hood for spares to replace the random bits he had ripped
from his own. Bern arrived in his TR4A which was running
well as always as Eddy and Mo arrived in their 13/60 saloon.
The car park was pretty full by now as Paul G and Dotty
arrived in their Vitesse Convertible and Gwyn,Tim and
Babs in the immaculate Dolly. Mike the Cake arrived
concluding our turn out in his Triumphant Blue oval ST sporting
more noise than power. We got our various McCoffee's
and were soon underway in the most welcome Indian Spring
west towards Swansea. George decided to test his engine ad
gearbox and was soon tangling with Beemers and Jags in
lane three much to the disbelief of various Sunday morning
boy racers.
As we pulled off Fabian Way into the McDonalds we did a
lap of the car park to see if anyone was waiting however there
were no further takers, so we proceeded on towards the
Mumbles. Tim in the Dolly led the convoy to the first car park
on Bracelet Bay where we parked up and paid our parking
fee (Protection Money). It was then off to the Pier cafe for
some fine late breakfast or early dining, the food and service
has been consistently top quality for the past 6 years. We
enjoyed our full Welsh breakfast which comes with a free hint
of the previous evening's fish and chip menu which is actually
weirdly pleasant. Chris and his family joined us to catch
up on the progress of his full body off GT6 restoration which
Bern is carrying out at GB Classics. George had to leave
early and was followed shortly by Bern in his TR4A. The
remainder of our party went for a stroll and a catch up and
natter near Bracelet Bay in the beautiful spring sunshine. It
was soon time to make tracks back home and we headed
back through the busy Sunday traffic around Swansea. We
were soon back on the M4 east and Paul and dotty were in
my rear view mirror more or less all the way back. With a
toot of the horn I left the motorway and headed for Cardiff
and was home in time for the Rugby.
As I pulled up in the driveway and hauled myself out of the
Spit my daughter commented "What you lack in elegance in
getting out of your Spit is definitely made up with determination
Thanks to all those for braving the Welsh Summer and making
it a great day out.



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