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26 March 2019

March meeting writeup

March's meeting saw high winds but it was dry and the sky was clear so we had a great turn-out of Triumphs in the Plough carpark: Mike's fuel injected Herald, Rob's poorman's e-type GT6, Toby's tupperware Triumph Hurricane, my shiny Vitesse powered Herald, Andy's swing-sprung Spitfire and Chris's resprayed TR7. Vinnie, Tim, other Chris, John and Malcolm joined us for a great night of natter.
Toby and I were able to feed back on the amazing day we had had at Snetterton just over a week before. It was a track day for non-track-day people, which was right up our street. There were cars from all walks of life, from Williams Clio hot hatches through Porsches to a beautiful blue Ferrari, a spirited
works Mini and a gorgeous Jaguar D-type quality replica. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.
Toby enjoyed squeezing every last drop of power out of his Zetec engined Hurricane and his car seemed to stick to the track rather better than mine. The only thing we had to provide was a helmet, full face in convertibles so this was a day any one of us could have enjoyed. Here is Toby in the pit lane waiting for our turn to go round again - it was a glorious day so he'd taken his helmet off while he waited.
Sadly I only managed to coax two of us from the Club to make it. We got some admiring / sarcastic comments about the amount of squealing our tires made, and the body lean in my case. If you're going to go for one of these days I reckon you should have as much fun as is humanly possible without
actually hurting yourself or anyone else. The only limitation was there was no timing, which made the day affordable as the insurance and their requirements would have been too high a bar for us mere mortals to join in otherwise.However, that didn't stop me awarding my car 'best in Heralds'.
Lastly, just to say that our cars are magnificent things that should be enjoyed. Get them on the road (Chris and John:yes, this means you). They need to be out there being driven, and not just on trips like our upcoming North West Coast 850 miles round the single track roads of Scotland but down country lanes or even just to the shops. When they are out and about, you get that warm fuzzy feeling again and people start to reminisce on their Herald, Spitfire or TR. Let them enjoy your car - they are reminding you why you love it. Here are some of my local Cub pack 'enjoying' my car; I had to haul them out after they discovered the horn and wouldn't stop beeping it in the end.
The club's AGM is on the 14th of April in Lubenham and National Drive It Day is coming up on the 28th of April so get out and drive it, that is what it is for. It is also time to look at the club's events over the summer and book yourself a place at the club's main summer event at Stratford Racecourse in mid August, or others such as SEM in mid May or Silverstone Classic in late July. I'm tempted by the overseas trips to Spa
Classic in May or Laon Historique early June and the Derwent Valley Peak Run at the end of June looks to be my kind of silly although my own calendar's pretty full around then.
Book something! The events calendar is chock full of things to do more with your Triumph!
Next meetings at the Plough are Monday 1st April (all fools
and Triumph nuts welcome) and Monday 13th of May (the
6th is a bank holiday and we skip those).



Triumphs in the Snetterton sunshine
Toby in his Hurricane
Best in Heralds award, perhaps
Cubs enjoying my Herald
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