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26 March 2019

6 tonight, me, Paul, Andy, Gordon, Chris and John. One car, Andy’s GT6.
Gordon brought in a steering column cowl, original used to accommodate an overdrive switch rather than the usual top of the gear stick job. He intends to mount a toggle switch in the overdrive hole to operate his fog light. I remembered I also have one of these in my useful bits box, I had intended to use it for a separate horn push, but now I’ve got my horn working properly a fog light switch is a neat idea. I can use
my toggle switch with the green LED on the end.
Gordon has two GT6, one is in Leicestershire and the other with Chic Doig in Scotland! How did that happen? A story for another time. Gordon says Chic has two cars in the spray shop at the moment, his GT6 and a very nice Triumph roadster that Chic got from a garage clearance, unfortunately
minus a bonnet. Where would you get one of those? I suppose Chic Doig is the man to find one.
Andy traded in his Shire Horse birthday meal voucher and got the most enormous plate of food, a mixed grill, one of everything they had in the kitchen. I thought we might have to carry him out to his car at the end of the evening. I can reveal that Andy’s next piece in the Courier will include Battery Condition Gauges. Well, this Courier, that’s not published now, but will be then.
We discussed how difficult it was to bleed the clutch with the looped pipe work, why is that? Air stuck in the loops I guess. Andy and I have both replaced the loops with an armoured flexible pipe which can move but won’t fracture and leak.Similarly I have replaced the oil gauge pipe with an armoured version. The original was plastic and what would happen if it split, you wouldn’t know till the warning light came on and,
too late!
Andy’s been having trouble with the Flying Log. He had to call vehicle recovery and the guy escorted him home, just as well as he ground to a halt 6 times. Turned out to be crude floating around in the tank and blocking the outlet. I think it’s quite common, well it happened to me.
Paul showed us his slow to mend broken finger and I remembered our father who caught his hand in the lawnmower, for ever after he was known as Old Banana Fingers. Perhaps Paul will be Young Banana Finger, or BF for short?
Paul has been to see a friend he used to play football with, the guy has a TR4 and a 4A. That’s just greedy! The 4A has the number plate ATR4A and is used daily. I wonder which is worth more, the car or the registration? He also has a garage full of stuff including two spare crank shafts, Andy says they
are the same as Massey Ferguson tractor cranks as the original TR engines were from tractors. Can this be true?!! Chris and Andy enjoy winding me up with glass hammer gags.
More talk on LEDs and Andy gave us the name of his supplier of screw thread jobs from his tablet. Also a local rechroming outfit. I was thinking about stainless bumpers at
some point in the future, but they are becoming more expensive and re-chroming more attractive.
Chris fixed his power shower. He installed a new pump and it’s sorted. The money you can save when you’re an engineer! It cost £100 instead of £800 for a new one fitted by a dodgy plumber. During this discussion we got the recurring “This is a car club!” chant. So I asked Chris what he’d been
doing to his Spitfire lately, he said “Electric windows”. Hmm, I don’t believe him.
John fitted Mintex brake pads to his Vitesse and has become a devotee, very impressed. Paul is not so sure, he’s a tight wad and they really are a lot of money now. However, I don’t know anyone whose fitted them and regrets the expense. During bedding in John lost a wheel trim, bounced down the road and into the undergrowth, gone forever. He’s deeply distressed to discover the cost of replacement.
My birthday tomorrow, I must register with the Shire Horse web site to get a discount dinner, but not what Andy had,there must be something smaller.

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