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Midland, Derwent Valley Area news

09 August 2022

Derwent Valley Area News - August 2022

What an eventful June. It all started a Derwent Valley contingent heading off to France to take part in the Laon Historique event. Roger and Julie, Paul and Kim plus Angie and me decided that a return to this event was long overdue and spent most of the winter months fettling our cars to ensure that would complete the 1500 mile journey without a hitch. I must admit that after fitting a new steering rack, a recon diff, new rear springs and shocks plus four new tyres the Stag's handling was transformed and was pleasurable to drive. On a side note, the tyre fitter was convinced that the old tyres were at least 27 years old!

The Laon Historique was brilliant as always. On the Saturday we travelled through quaint villages filled with happy, smiling and waving people on our way to Saint Quentin. The sun was shining and car temperatures were rising as we crawled through the traffic congested city to our cordoned off parking area. After lunch and a couple of hours enjoying the festival of the fool we headed back to Laon via different but just as enthralling route. The Sunday by contrast was rather wet but that did not stop the locals turning out in their hundreds to watch us drive around and around and around the closed off street circuit a little bit faster than the legal speed limit. The faster we went the more they cheered. On the Monday, we decided to extend the trip by a few days in the beautiful Belgium city of Bruges. No driving, just walking and beer.

In the middle of June was Derwent Valley's Peak Run. After a two-year absence, the fun filled event was just what the doctor ordered and by all accounts, we think everyone enjoyed themselves. The first TSSC club day was also held on that weekend and although a very wet day those that attended were most impressed with the museum. A small contingent from the Stag owners club also joined us at the car museum.

At our monthly meeting in July, we invaded Matlock Bath for a Treasure Hunt on a lovely summers evening. The hunters had to follow a trail of clues, which took them in to the Derwent Gardens, over the river, along Lovers Walk and then down into the town itself before finishing at the Fish Pond pub.

I was waiting to mark the sheets at the pub, and I must admit that I was most impressed with the high scores. Must make it harder in future. Bryan took the wooden spoon for his solo but valiant efforts and the winners were the Three Amigos who obviously took it far too seriously and scored maximum points.

We will be visiting a country pub for our meeting on 2nd August. Which one is still to be confirmed so check the TSSC website or our Facebook page for details. In September, we return MONDAY nights at our usual venue, Top Club in Stanley Common at the usual time.

Dates for your diary.

2nd August - monthly meeting, see above.
5th to 7th August - Leicester and Rutland camping weekend.
19th to 21st August - TSSC weekend at Stafford.
5th September - Monthly meeting and Top Club, Stanley Common, DE6 7FY from 7:30pm. Yes, it is a Monday night.

That's all for now. Colin » more ...
04 July 2022

Derwent Valley Area News - July 2022

At the time of writing The Peak Run team are hard at work preparing for this year's event and some are also assisting with the first TSSC Club Day at the Great British Car Journey. At the time of reading this area news we will be laying on our backs completely exhausted.

At our May meeting we enjoyed a Fish and Chip run to Matlock Bath. These events are always popular and this one was no exception. Several classic cars (including Triumphs) set off from Ripley, with Roger leading the way, on a very indirect route to Matlock. I am pleased to say that Roger didn't get his left confused with his right and the run was completed without incident and completely stress free. Rather boring really.

In Matlock Bath we were joined by several more members, who due to work commitments could not reach Ripley in time for the start of the Run. After Fish and Chips we popped to our regular haunt (the Fish Pond) where 30 members and guests crammed into a small annexe room. Great atmosphere, the room was buzzing.

Future events were discussed including the Northants weekend in July, the Sunshine Rally and not forgetting the Triumph weekend at Stafford both in August.

The July Derwent Valley meeting will be a Treasure Hunt around Matlock Bath (if Angie and me have time to plan one!!). Meet near the Fish pond pub at around 7pm to collect your clues and then wander aimlessly around the streets for an hour or so before finishing back at the pub. I am sure some of you will also sneak a bag of chips along the way.

August's meeting will be at a country pub. The actual location is still to be confirmed so check the Facebook group and TSSC website for updates.

On 5th September we return to Monday Night meetings at Top Club in Stanley Common (DE7 6FY) from 7:30pm

Other dates for your diary

5th July - Treasure Hunt in Matlock Bath. See above.
15th to 17th July - Northants Camping Weekend.
2nd August - Country Pub meeting. Details to be confirmed.
5th to 7th August - Leics and Rutland's Sunshine Rally.
5th September - Monthly meeting at Top Club, Stanley Common, DE7 6FY.

That's all for now. Stay safe.

Colin » more ...
14 June 2022

Derwent Valley Area News - May 2022

Hi All,

The month of March has whizzed by and we are fast approaching Easter - frightening. It's good to note that more and more classic car events are being published on Facebook every day. These events are both local and further afield. Very soon, there will be a local meeting every day of the week (I don't think I will be allowed out to go to all of them).

In May we will see the return of the TSSC's IOW camping weekend and the SEM, which I feel, is a sign that things are returning to some sort of normality.

In June our Peak Run is being held between the 16th and 20th (we had better start organising a few bits for it), plus we have a new event - TSSC Club Day at the Great British Car Journey on 18th.

At our April meeting we discussed the options for the monthly meetings during the summer months. It was agreed that we return to a Tuesday night for the months of May, June, July and August as this seems to suit more DV members. Please note that the meeting will not always be held on the first Tuesday of the month.

To try to reduce confusion here is a list of our future meeting dates:

Tuesday 10th May - Fish and Chip Run. Meet at Sainsburys, Ripley, DE5 3QP at 7pm for a 7:15pm start.
Tuesday 7th June - Due to other commitments I will not be able to host the meeting in June. Would anyone like to volunteer? You will get to decide where you will meet etc.
Tuesday 5th July - Treasure Hunt. Details to be confirmed nearer the time.
Tuesday 2nd August - Country Pub meet. Details to be confirmed nearer the time.
Back to our April meeting. We had an Easter Egg raffle. Easter Eggs were won by some and not others. Some won more than one. We also had a chocolate bar quiz. Mark was told he had to play on his own and could not be part of Niamh and Jordan's team. He had the last laugh though as he won the quiz and was presented with his own personal chocolate prize.

Roger also just managed to blow out the candle on his chocolate birthday cake.

Whilst Nigel Hill was out of the room Di filled us in on all the gossip about him and Nigel was suitably embarrassed on his return with the rest of us armed with this information. He certainly knew that we knew!!

That's all for now, stay safe.

Regards Colin

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14 June 2022

Derwent Valleys Area News - June 2022

Hi All.

April as come and gone in a flash and I am sitting here in May recovering from a fantastic weekend on the IOW with fellow Triumph nuts. Several Derwent Valley regulars attended and it was great to see so many familiar cars and faces from other areas.

Many Triumph cars attended, but I was too lazy to count them after I reached 25. I would estimate it was at least double that.

The excitement for me started with the ferry crossing, as it's not something we do that often in â land locked Derbyshire. As we arrived at the terminal, several more Triumphs joined us and we were all lined up together and invited to convoy on the ferry. I was buzzing. The excitement did not stop all weekend. Thank you Elaine and Tracy for organising a memorable event.

For many Derwent Valley regulars the next big event on our calendar is our own Peak Run camping weekend (16th to 20th June) and we still haven't planned anything yet. We will just have to wing it this year for a change.

In addition, on that same weekend is the brand new TSSC Club Day event which is being held on Saturday 18th June and those attending the Peak Run will have the opportunity to take part in this new event.

On the 19th June, we have the actual Peak Run. An 80-mile plus drive through the Peak District. Meet at the Peak gateway campsite near Ashbourne (DE6 1NA) from 8:30am. Breakfast cobs and refreshments will be available. We will set off at around 9:30am

Due to other commitments, I am unable to organise a monthly meeting in June. Therefore, our next meeting will be a Treasure Hunt around Matlock Bath on Tuesday 5th July. We will be in the car park opposite the Fish Pond pub from 7pm to send you wandering aimlessly around the streets for an hour or so before finishing back at the pub.

Other dates for your diary's

18th June - TSSC Club Day at The Great British Car Journey (DE56 2HE). From 10:30 am until 4pm
19th June - Derwent Valleys Peak Run. See above.
5th July - Treasure Hunt in Matlock Bath. See above.
15th to 17th July - Northants Camping Weekend.
2nd August - Country Pub meeting. Details to be confirmed.
5th to 7th August - Leics and Rutlands Sunshine Rally.

That's all for now. Stay safe.


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14 April 2022

Derwent Valley Area News - April 2022

Hi all.

Another entertaining evening at our monthly meeting in March. There was certainly a lot of laughter and merriment. William's quiz was both entertaining and informative. Thank you William and I am pleased to say that despite your young age you took the banter like a trooper. We all now know what a blob of toothpaste on the end of your toothbrush is called. If you do not then you should have been there.

The scoring was once again very close but claiming victory was Janine and I. Richard W claimed the wooden spoon and was impressed as to its high quality. Gary was very disappointed not to win a wooden again but was delighted when belatedly presented with a wooden spoon from February's quiz.

Richard the 3rd asked on behalf of Poppy (his dog) when will we be Treasure Hunting again as she enjoyed it very much. Well, who can refuse Poppy? So, a Treasure Hunt will be arranged for either July or August.

The April meeting (4th) will have the added bonus of an Easter Egg raffle so make sure you bring few extra pounds to buy raffle tickets.

I have also been asked to arrange an activity for Drive It Day, which is on 24th April. Look out for information on this on our Derwent Valley Facebook page or in the area events section of the TSSC website.

Due to the May Day bank holiday, our May monthly meeting will be a week later than usual on Monday 9th May. We may also be out and about rather than at Top Club. Again, information regarding this will be on our Derwent Valley Facebook page or in the area events section of the TSSC website.

In June, we have a brand-new event in the TSSC calendar and it is in our very own Derwent Valley. Yes, right alongside the river Derwent in Ambergate. The TSSC Club Day offers discounted entry to the Great British Car Journey car museum for TSSC members and their guests plus dedicated Triumph parking for our cars. See further details in the Courier.

Due to commitments with the Peak Run and the TSSC Club Day we may not have a monthly meeting in June, but this will be confirmed nearer to the time.

Whilst on the subject of the Peak Run, booing forms are arriving thick and fast so, it looks like its going to be a brilliant year. Booking forms are available to download at http://www.peakrun.weebly.com

Dates for your diary:

4th April 2022 - Monthly meeting at Top Club (DE7 6FY) from 7:30pm
24th April 2022 - Drive it Day. Details to be confirmed
9th May 2022 - Monthly meeting. Details to be confirmed.
16th to 20th June 2022 - Peak Run Weekend.
18th June 2022 - TSSC Club Day at the Great British Car Journey.

Stay safe, Colin » more ...
04 March 2022

Derwent Valley Area News - March 2022

Hi all.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our New Year Run in Februarys Courier as much as we enjoyed the event. What a great selection of cars we had from far and wide.

Later this week I will be meeting with The Great British Car Journey with regard to organising a further visit to the museum combined with the Peak Run weekend. I should be able to provide full details in April's Courier so keep an eye out for the results of my meeting.

The Monthly meeting was a quieter meeting than usual, but a fun one none the less. Roger and Julie had prepared the evening's entertainment. A little bit confusing at times but an absolute scream as we tried to do a quiz and play chase the ace at the same time. William was the champion of chase the ace and Gary, Janine and I won the quiz with a jaw dropping score of 7/20.

We also welcomed Robin Fergusson to our meeting. Robin is in the middle of restoring his Dolomite Sprint, which he has owned for many years. I sure he left the meeting with no doubt in his mind that we are all crazy.

At the meeting we celebrated two birthdays, Gary's and Richard W's who were adequately embarrassed when we sang to them. They soon recovered from their blushes when treated to chocolate birthday cake.

Next month (March) William will be planning the activity for the meeting, well we had to find some way of stopping him winning everything. What sort of activity might it be? We think it might be his GCSE homework.

The April meeting will see the return of our Easter Egg raffle.

Dates or your diary:

7th March 2022 - Monthly meeting at Top Club 338 (DE7 6FY) from 7:30pm

4th April 2022 - Monthly/Easter Egg meeting. Same venue and time.

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