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Area news for October 2021

05 October 2021

Midland, Derwent Valley - Derwent Valley Area News October 2021
I get a real buzz when I have something to write about for the monthly area news. This month did not disappoint.

I am current a little restricted in what I can do due to tearing my achilles tendon recently so I planned a Fish and Chip run for the September meeting and emailed the route to those who were interested in doing the run. Roger volunteered to look after everyone at the start and hand out any routes to those that did not have one. I understand that Roger handled this like a professional despite having a problem with his Stag, earlier in the day, just cutting out and refusing to start.

Just after 7pm everyone successfully left the car park and headed off onto the beautiful lanes of Derbyshire. All went well until turn 4 of the route when half the group wanted to turn right (correct) and the other half wanted to turn left (wrong). Unfortunately, the lefties won this election and headed off in the wrong direction. What made matters worse is that the leader of the line of cars was following a route plan, which now made no sense whatsoever, so he was taking instructions from Roger who was in his Stag behind him.

After driving around for a while, they arrived in Belper and decided to give up on the route and drive directly to Matlock Bath. Meanwhile, in Matlock Bath I was receiving phones calls from other members of the convoy who were confused and wondered what was happening. Eventually, the runners arrived in dribs and drabs. Then I received a phone call...Roger had picked up a puncture.

Roger was not having good day. It transpired that half the convoy had the correct September route which they had printed off at home and the others had the incorrect July route printed off by Roger. This caused all the confusion, but we all had a good chuckle about it.

Back to the puncture. Most classic car owners are prepared for such an eventuality, Roger is no exception and is in fact renowned for his supply of cable ties. Boot opened and out came the jack, but no winding handle. Out came the extendable wheel wrench, but no socket on the end. Out came the spare tyre, which was flat. Again, the spirit of the TSSC shone bright and several members stayed with Roger to assist. Winding handle borrowed from another jack. A socket borrowed from a camper van (who was parked in the layby where the Stag was stranded). Jerry was dispatched to the local garage to inflate the spare tyre. All's well that ends well.

After fish and chips we popped along to the local pub and the main point of conversation was?

For October we are returning to our old haunt, the Smalley Common Ex-Serviceman's Club or Top Club, 338 Ilkeston Road, Stanley Common, DE7 6FY. Please note that we are now meeting on the FIRST MONDAY of the month. The first meeting back the club will be Monday 4th October. Please attend if you can, I will have one of my mind-blowing quizzes prepared; let us make it a night to remember.

Dates for your diary

Monday 4th October Monthly meeting at Top Club from 7:30pm

Monday 1st November Monthly meeting and AGM at Top Club from 7:30pm

Monday 13th December (Second Monday) - Christmas Meeting at Top Club from 7:30pm

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03 October 2021

South East, East Berks - East Berks September News
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