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South East, Thames Area news

09 July 2019

Thames July News

Welcome all. Thank you all for a wonderful South of England meet, especial to those that helped out. Julie and I were total exhausted afterwards. Our Triumphs are both in good health, although the Vitesse fuel pump is weeping from the top cover. It was removed and found the fixing bolt had striped the thread, a replacement has been found and soon to be swapped over. Julies' Herald has a poor connection to its horn, probably through lack of use.
It’s the day before IoW and to be honest I thought it was going to be a quiet night at the meeting. How wrong I was, keeping me in very good company were George B, John P, Martin F, Graeme C, Richard E & Mike H.  We even had two Triumph’s in the car park belonging to Martin, his Mk2 2000 saloon and my Vitesse. Work on our Triumph’s has been, Richard has changed the coil on his GT6 to hopefully cure it’s random cutting out. Martins Spitfire is now registered tax exempt. It was a wonderful evening chatting about Triumph’s to the drama’s of buy second hand all electric cars (don’t do it with out looking in to how to recharge them!).
Another sunny trip to the meeting in the Vitesse.  Also, another good turnout of Triumphs. John P was in his Mk1 Vitesse, Richard was in his Mk2 Vitesse, Graeme in his TR6, Eric in his Mk4 Spitfire & Chris in his Mk3 Spitfire. George unfortunately had a broken spoke which punctured its inner tube on his Mk1Vitesse.  Work on our Triumph’s has been, John P has fitted new headlamp bowls to his Vitesse to allow the halogen lamps to be adjusted. Richard is over the moon now John has sorted the carb adjustment and sort out the sticking brakes. Eric is cleaning up a set of 5 1\2” J steel wheels for the Spitfire Mk4.  
3rd \6th MAY IoW 30th CAMPING WEEKEND.
With the Vitesse packed, roof down, Julie and I blast down the M3 to catch the 13.00 ferry to IoW. We get there in good time and enjoy a hot drink and bite to eat while waiting to load up. We have yellow Stag nearby and other Triumph’s we only spot once we are loaded. On the island we journey on to Appuldurcombe Garden Holiday park. We are greeted by friendly faces and unload the Vitesse. Once settled we shoot off to get supplies. We have an evening meal at the Fighting Cocks before returning to campsite Bar and socialise.
Saturday morning, we join the convoy to the Pearl Centre to enjoy the views and anniversary cake and fizz, all part of the 30 years (Pearl…get it) celebrations. Our next stop was the Needles & Alum Bay. Where we along with Robin & Ann, we took the chair lift down to the wind-swept beech and took a slow cruise out to view the needles and lighthouse. Then back up the chairlift and warm up with a refreshing cuppa. Later on, we meet up for a pub meal at the Buddle Inn at Niton Undercliff. Then back to the campsite bar.
Sunday’s convoy was to the Airport at Sandown via the lovely scenic IoW roads. We were parked up near(ish) to the grass runway and enjoyed a visit to the museum their and had some BBQ food. Next, we headed out to explore the island and visit the shops. On the way back we stopped off for an ice cream at Brading Downs.  This Evening’s meal was at the Steamer Inn at Shanklin, before enjoying the games at the campsite bar.
 Monday morning and we vacate the caravan and reload the Vitesse say our farewells and get the last-minute shopping. Until a leaking carb demands some attention. After adjusting the float bowl twice (only one carb working after the 1st attempt) we are back on our merry way, we catch the ferry back and see lots of fellow travellers getting on to the ferry. We have a trouble-free journey home Exhausted, but in a good way. A big thank you to the IoW crew for a wonderful weekend.
This was going to be a hard year for us, as we were down on family help and Julies Mum (Mary) was camping behind us. So, with the Van loaded to the roof with most of the show equipment and camping gear we drop off the van at the leisure centre. Then head home to collect the Vitesse and folding caravan and the Herald. Julie collects her Mum and then shops of supplies. I take the Vitesse and head off to the leisure centre. There I am greeted by Jonathan and crew. I get the gate opened for us and we start setting up our weekend homes.  George B is next and I do what I can until Julie arrives some time later. With the Mother in laws tent pitched I mark out the camping area level the caravan ready for help to unfold it. With Julie & Mary safely on site we set up the caravan and the event shelter. All the while more campers turn up. Julie heads off to the chippy to get supper which we enjoy in the setting sun, wrapped up to keep warm. Later we join George around his campfire and enjoy the company of fellow campers. 
Saturday morning starts with a refreshing shower in the leisure centre and then breakfast. The day is spent setting up the field, putting out the white posts, white line marking (wish they would finish cutting the grass). Fitting the speaker poles and setting up the sound system (thanks Martin). Setting up the entrances (cutting back the tree branches). Setting up the marquee.  A big thank you for the help we got from those camping. That evening Julie Mary and I enjoyed a BBQ under the event shelter, before joining friends around George’s fire. As the dark came, I fired up the genny to power the lights in the marquee ready for the quizzes. Well done to M25 East as our outright winners. Then back to finish off the night around the fire.
Sunday SHOW day and I am out setting out the labels, manning the gate until George arrives to do his duty then I am helping Martin & Eddie (we do need more help here please) parking up the various model’s in their rows, setting up the power and mic. It’s a sunny day as the triumph’s roll in to the field and the auto jumblers fill up the edges of the field. At 10 am I open the show with a welcome over the sound system (but everyone is already catching up with friends and buying for the jumble stalls). As the day passes so quickly and the judges are returning their choices, Julie and Mary are folding raffle tickets. The chosen Triumphs are called forward and the hardest task of the day to pick the best of the bunch.  A massive thank you to the judges.  After the awards are given and photos taken, I start to take down the outer pieces of equipment as the show slowly winds down. With every thing collected we set about reloading the van minus the marquee and sound system that went back with the club van. The caravan is folded up and hitched to the Vitesse. The van is parked off the field. Julie takes Mary home in the Herald and once the last of the campers leave, I to head home and return to collect the van with Julie.
With Julie following me in the Herald, I lead the way in the Vitesse to the show around Amersham George B in his Vitesse joins us and we are soon swamped by other classic cars heading to the show. On the show ground we are shown to our pitch and set up the TSSC area stand. Here we are joined by Bob R in his Vitesse, Peter & Katie in their Spitfire Mk3 coupe are welcomed to join us, as well as Tony, Penny & Harry in their Stag. The weather is sunny with some cloudy patches and once settled with a cuppa we venture to the auto jumble where I pick up a good fuel pump to replace my leaking one (as yet still to be fitted). Some old stock wiper blades for the Herald. There were lots of stalls selling all sorts from fruit and veg to burgers, Ice cream to dog treats, old parts to new tools, Beer tent. Live music, dog show.
Other Triumph’s on show were, 2, Mk2 2.5’s. 12, Stags. A TR2. 6, TR4 ’s. a TR5. 6, TR6’s. a TR7. 2, Dolomites. 7, Vitesse’s. 7, Herald’s. 3, Spitfire’s. 2, Acclaim’s. a 1938 Dolomite & Gloria Vitesse.
It was a great show & day out.
 Our next meetings are now: -
1st Thursday of the month at The Fairmile Inn Cobham.
3rd Thursday of the month at The George Inn Wraysbury.
If in doubt or more info please call me on 07773623807
7th MacMillan car show Clandon
20th  Classic car meet Ripley
21st Retro jumble & car show Brooklands
21st Autoshow Uxbridge
4th Classic Motor Show Tilford (NEW)
10th Help for the Hero’s Farnham Churt Motor Museum
11thCar Show & Auto Jumble Cranleigh
16th/18th Inter club Triumph weekend Stratford
17th Collectively car show Camberley
17th Car & Bike Show Caple, Dorking
24th/25th Egham Royal Show Egham
24th Classic Vehicle meet Queens Head Barns Green (NEW)
Mickey & Julie
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