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09 July 2019

N.Ireland July News

Our annual trunnion oiling took place on the 2nd Sat in May, later this year due to the early Totally Triumph show at Lisburn in April. Held again at The Rinkha car park, Islandmagee where we had a good turnout of Triumphs, and a local Minor, from all over Northern Ireland but, alas, no visitor from Donegal. Good to see the original Three Amigo’s there together again along with Stephen (McC) in his very tidy Herald saloon as well as the usual gang, including TINA.(Photo one here)
As usual the trunnion oiling was in the capable hands of Alan (F) and it was carried out in the usual efficient manner we have come to expect from Alan. One little “problem” though was that he mentioned that he thought that he was getting a bit “old” for it and suggested that possibly someone younger could take over. I think the fact that he was showing Simon(H) how it was done methinks was a lost cause, if he is in any way like his father, mechanically! Of course, while we were there, we felt we had to sample the local ice cream, tea/coffee and the odd tray bake – but no brownies this time. After this taster several us then retired to the nearby Gobbins Café for a chat and a well-earned meal that was enjoyed by all, even if a little slow/cold for some of us. A big thank you again to Alan (F) for his work on the day and Alan (H) for confirming the arrangements for the day. (Photo two here)
Later Stephen (McC) mentioned that he met a lovely lady from Ulster Aviation Society the other week who suggested a club run to the Maze and a guided tour. So, if there is enough interest within the club, he could arrange a visit so let me know. I see I am due to lead a run on Sat 19th October so that might be an ideal date with a meal in the local area afterwards. The May Bank holiday weekend run at the end of the month saw us return to Woodenbridge, Avoca, Co Wicklow.
As has become the norm for these weekends we met at McDonald’s, Sprucefield for the first part of the run to the Boyne Visitors Centre. Twenty-two of us turned up in eleven vehicles, most of them Triumphs. We would have had 12 but the owners of TINA had to attend a continental wedding, a reasonable excuse, I think! The run down was in the capable hands of Alan (F) and Pam and so after a coffee, chat and a briefing, including written instructions, we set of on the first seventy-five miles of our journey. We followed the A1 to Newry and then south to the M1 and continued to junction 16 onto the N52 to Ardee to Slane eventually arriving at the Boyne visitor centre for lunch and a wander about. (Photo three here)
Alan, and others, disappointed that the centre was closed that day, although there was a little parade taking place in the fields when we arrived with a few local police about. The next part of the journey took us on a sixty-five mile run to Naas that brought us through Donore and then on to Duleek before arriving at Kilcock and then our next destination, Naas, for a comfort break and a petrol top up. With a group of 12 cars it is always very hard to keep all together, even with instructions. It helps though if we all stay awake and remember to fill up on time! No names to be mentioned here – too polite. Recognised a few roads along the road as Heather and I had been in the general area the previous week at a wedding reception at Ballymagarvey Village and the church at Rathfeigh – small world indeed! The final section of the journey was the remaining fifty miles from Naas to our hotel at Woodenbridge that took us to Blessington then onto the Kilbride road to the Lake Drive with its wonderful views that soon transported us through a series of bends to the world famous Wicklow Gap that then brought us through some really beautiful scenery to Laragh and on to some fast declines to Rathdrum and finally to our weekend hotel stop, all well managed and led by Alan and Pam. All successfully checked in then a local dander, with some filling up with fuel - thankfully, and then our evening meal that was enjoyed by all, even the steak eaters. We were then royally entertained during the evening by John (G) and Billy, with Oscar “adding” to the vocals. Went well into the morning as I understand it. I think that John was hoping that a certain female golf crowd would arrive! Sunday saw us all arriving for breakfast hale and hearty after the night before, although at varied times as we have some early risers within the group. Breakfast over and cars checked we all set off for the hills, as they say, apart from Tom and Catherine. Catherine had taken ill that evening, nothing to do with drink, I will quickly add. Aughrim was our first village after base as we made our way through the hills to Rathdrum and Glendalough and then on to Sally Gap and the magnificent views of the whole area – a site to behold. (Photo four here)
Stephen and Elizabeth (K) left us here as both of them had previous foot injuries and had done very well to get that far. This then brought us to Glencree to quickly bring us down from the mountains by a zigzag route to Ballinascorney and to the N81 passing what I now know to be, the Bohernabreena waterworks and reservoir. Where do they get these names from! A sharp run down the main road brought us to Blessington. Side roads again to Brannockstown and Dunlavin before reaching our lunch stop at Baltinglass. We were all amazed to meet road humps in the middle of a country road junction that seemed to serve no purpose at all! We separated here to have lunch at the various café’s in the area whilst a few of us also took time to visit the grounds of Baltinglass Abbey and Saint Mary’s Church of Ireland whilst the rest had a walkabout.
Due to popular requests the afternoon planned route to Gorey and Arklow was cut short and we returned direct to Woodenbridge using the R747 for the full route, although there was one hiccup along the way! A good decision as, in all fairness, the morning route took a bit long! Cars filled, well some, and then the customary walk in the grounds, while the men chatted around and about their cars. Dinner was a group affair and then we heard the news from Tom and Catherine. If some had views about the days run it was nothing to what happened at the hotel while we were away. Catherine felt less well, and a journey was made by ambulance, yes ambulance, to a Dublin hospital for treatment that went well, but then the trouble started. Well how do you get to Woodenbridge when your car is there! Answer, public transport and on a Sunday too! Thankfully they had their valid “bus passes” that solved the problem, at least to Wicklow where a taxi had to be summoned for the last bit – what a day! Another good meal together and then the news.
We all know the news about Stephen with his broken foot making the journey to be christened St Stephen, a local martyr to many within the group, not forgetting Elizabeth and her ailment. As you know, Simon, for various reasons has been driving my GT6 for this last while but imagine the conversation in the car behind. It went like this near Sally Gap, I believe – E to S, “That’s a strange new colour of car Simons driving!” S to E, “What do you mean?” E to S, “It’s a “putty” colour, is it new?” Stephen to Elizabeth “Take your sunglasses off, it’s white!” Well there you go then! I had a note made about a pigeon but probably the least said about that in this report! (Photo five here)
Another evening’s entertainment and then the parting of the ways on the Monday morning. Stephen and Elizabeth gone early and Pam and Alan away west for the rest of Alan’s birthday and their anniversary while the rest of us had a wee trip to the Avoca shop. The return to home should have been straightforward but problems in Naas didn’t help and then lunch was difficult as we had to leave a resident car park along with the odd missed turn to the motorway. Problems didn’t end there as some of us arrived at different “services” at Castlebellingham. Needless to say, we all managed to get home, even if it wasn’t in one group. Lessons learnt for next year and certainly Heather won’t let me forget! Notwithstanding the problems hopefully enjoyed the weekend.
A good turnout at the June meeting although a few of the regulars away in Scotland and England. Kilbroney and Colin’s garage day should be over by the time you read this. Reminder of July meet on 3rd. Meeting at Carrick Castle at 8pm and then to The Rinkha for ice cream and then a visit to the Spurle home afterwards, Sperrins Run on Sat 20th and then on Sat 3rd Aug BBQ and short run, North Down, details later with the area meet on Wed 7th.
See you all soon,
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