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Eastern, Essex Area news

09 July 2019

Essex July News

Well the month of May certainly was busy in the Triumph world.  On the 3rd May we were straight into a week away with the Spitfire on our usual trip to the Isle of Wight club weekend, and what a fantastic time we had for the 30th celebrations.  There was a great turn out from Essex and we were joined by a few from Somerset and Exeter in our little group. So, we had Jean, Brian, Mick Marian, Jon, Tricia, Bethany, Jayden, Mike, Sue, Tina, Chewy, Frank, Kelly, Andy, Nick and us. we had a great time and the weather was with us all the way. First stop on arrival, Craves, to meet up with Tina and Chewy (that’s the ice cream parlour in Ventnor) the first trip of about 4! We all met up in the club house Friday night for drinks and chatting into the night.
The next morning was bright so out with all cars on the field being polished before the first run out of the weekend. We had a celebration at the isle of Wight pearl, with cake and a non-alcoholic bubbly drink, this was followed by a trip to Alum bay, some of us headed first to Dimbola lodge for lunch a great little place to eat and then up to the old Battery National Trust, a long walk but well worth it, except when Allan lost his hat in the wind and a nice man had to retrieve it from well below in the gap under the bridge, lucky they had a door and keys to hand. In the evening we had a band and a bit of a dance and again a lot of chatter.
Sunday again a nice bright start to the day we convoyed to a BBQ at the isle of Wight airport, somewhere we have never been to before. A really nice little airport, there was lots going on, again after the BBQ some of us headed out back to Craves for an ice cream.
Back at camp at 7pm in came the ice cream van and we all had another or two.   We had the party themed games night and we also saw the IOW get TSSC Area of the Year, well done girls for all your efforts over the past few years and to everyone who chips in to make the weekend run really well.
The Monday saw a drive out to the pub hare and hounds for lunch and goodbye for those going home. some of us stay the week, we said goodbye to Mike, Sue, Andy, Nick, Jon, Tricia, Bethany and Jayden. We came back to camp and walked to Godshill a little under 4 miles, and had a nice pint in the Griffin where it was then decided to come back for a meal later on in the Griffin and a trip back to the bar in the evening on site. So far so good.
The rest of the week we all did our own thing, in the cars around the island, a visit to the zoo was a well worth trip with the new tigers on display rescued from Spain and a circus. Plus the beach to chill out and do a bit of beachcombing. Meeting up in various pubs for evening meals. The week went by too fast.
We had noticed a bit of an issue with the Spitfire I thought it was the trunnions but on arriving home Friday it was the diff.  Considering all the driving we did all week we were very lucky. This now means another already booked trip to the isle of Wight for Graham to take care of the refurb of the diff and much to Janet’s delight a trip back to pick it up. (it also happens to be her birthday weekend couldn’t have worked out better she says) It’s a great weekend and we are booked for next year.
We didn’t make it to club meet this month as we headed out to Leatherhead, numbers were reported as a bit down as most of us had been away the week before.   Marian and Mick went and had reported having a nice lunch.  At Leatherhead for a bit of auto jumble selling, and to get the Harry the estate valued. It was a very hot day sitting in the sun and it was great to see everyone.
We have been very busy as the following weekend we headed out late to Warwick for the 2.5 register event on the Sunday at Wroxall Warwick, organised by them at the stately home. we had an air b and b and we went with Tina and Chewy. We spent the day in Warwick a very nice place indeed and the girls enjoyed shopping. Harry the estate then went on to the show on the Sunday, where he had a great time. There were 4 estates there in all which was very good to see so many together.  We also bumped into Jane with Hugo and commented on it being the 3rd week running we had been at the same place at the same time. Must be a Triumph thing. We left just as the rain started and report that Harry the estate did really well on his first long trip out.
The bank holiday weekend saw a lot of shows and Mick and Marian headed out on the 25th to a show at Little Totham, Marian kindly sent us a report.
Little Totham – The usual suspects went along to the Show, Marian and Mick went to Brian and Jean’s then onto the show and Steve and Janet came on later.  It was a lovely day and a great little show, burgers and sausages were bought and as usual we all had a go on the tombola.  It was a great day out. An American lady was so surprised to see two kettles on stoves that she insisted on taking a photo. Something about the quaint English customs.
We headed out to Enfield pageant on the 26th again to join the 2.5 club with Harry the estate. Meeting Gino there with several others from the club. It was a nice day but very windy, we picked up a few little bits at the auto jumble. The day was a little spoilt by the smokers on the next stand (chain smoking!)  as the wind blew it all our way and we ended up sitting in the car. Not a lot can be done about that.
The third day of the bank holiday we had our garden fete at the local church here in Stanford le hope and they had asked us for a few cars. We ended up with 8 cars in all and they were very happy with that. The girls did the usual fete shopping for plants and stuff, we had afternoon tea, followed by a bbq at our place. This rounded the bank holiday weekend off with a nice note.
To end our month of May we went down to Somerset to help Tina and Chewy retrieve a tub for the 2.5 that they had purchased the weekend at Wroxall.   Chewy went up on the following Sunday to view the tub and pay a deposit, this meant a trip of Coalville, to pick up, he organised a trailer and van to toe and so we went down late on Friday night and spent Saturday in the wine bar followed by the boys going up to Coalville on the Sunday, the girls did a bit of shopping and after being joined by Eddie, Kelly and Frank we met them at Rusty Road where they are going to do the respray. All hands-on deck to get it off the trailer and into the workshop.  Followed by a long drive home with road works and hold ups on the A 303. We had a tiring eventful weekend getting in after 1am in the morning with a 3 ½ hour journey taking over 7hours!
While were away again Marian and Mick did a local show and have sent us a report. - The Thurrock Transport Fayre in aid of the The Essex Air ambulance, was a great show, there were many stalls and food outlets including a bar, Marian and Mick join the Essex Rebels at the event as it wasn’t scheduled as one of our events, the report back it that is a lovely show and worth going to.  The air ambulance made a visit about 2.pm he flew over the field and did two circuits of the field and flew off.  Someone said that it needs more cars they were a little disappointed so we should try to make it on the calendar.
Up and coming, July -   7th  Maldon
13th Hodderston
14th Club day
17th Classics on the common (Wednesday)
August – 10th Waltham Cross
11th Club day.
 No birthdays this month.
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