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Eastern, Essex Area news

11 June 2019

Essex June News

We have had a busy month of April things are hoting up and that’s not just the weather. It has been a glorious April and we are all hoping May will follow especially as we have the Isle of Wight for a week. Our numbers are up to about 20 people at present that is for Essex and Somerset combined as we now often have joint trips out, miles permitting. More about that next month’s report.
 We had an impromptu run out for breakfast on the 6th March only a few of us as it was early but always nice to get out and about with the cars, we were in our modern though as we had loads to do. This being retired is very busy and its true how did I find time to go to work. 
 On the 12th April we had a surprise visit from the Somerset clubbers Tina and Chewy they do this to us we were quite happily watching tv at 9.15pm when there was a knock at the door. Surprise this explained why Tina had asked Janet what were we up to at the weekend. A quick sort out of some wine and cheese with biscuits and we were set for the evening. We had a nice lazy Saturday I took Chewy out in the 2.5 estate for a run and he was well impressed.
  The following day we had club day and we were very well attended 16 members and 4 children. Nice display of cars in the carpark and we had to take over more tables in the garden centre. Credit to them they are excellent with both the food and their kindness in accommodation all of us. It was a great meeting and even better with the weather. Tina and Chewy got off back to Somerset both ways they had an excellent journey (why does ours always take hours)
  That night we headed out to the 200/2.5 meet up at the halfway house Brentwood. It was great to get many ideas about the car, a couple of them knew Harry from previous owner and it was nice to get a bit of history of the car. He had a polish and was on his best behaviour.
  Easter Saturday saw us head to Rochester for breakfast and a vintage hunt for car related stuff, the vintage shops there are a good source of car memorabilia and although we didn’t find anything this time it’s a good day out.
  Easter Sunday saw us take the spitfire out the museum of power for a meet up with the rebels always nice to see them. We had 6 cars at the museum not been there for a good while so it was nice to wander round the museum go on the train and see the steam up inside.  It was a very hot sunny day so the spitfire had its roof down for the first time at a show this year. A few I’m told headed out to Chatham dock so we were well spread and a few had family things to do being Easter.
  On Saturday 27th we headed up to Kings Cross on our own this time a classic car boot sale behind the station. Always a great event but this time the trains were all suspended here and there and no circle line so a bit of a challenge. Janet did some research and we found the quickest option to then find our local station was diverted to Liverpool street. Never mind it turned out quicker. We had a great time as usual but it was very windy and cold and surprisingly not a lot of car stuff this time. A lot of the stalls were blowing over and it was so windy that a lot of the stuff was also covered. We saw Colin selling his wares from triumph eastern. We headed out for lunch as Spitalfields market and that was undercover so a bit warmer. It was a good day all in all but tiring. Shame we didn’t find anything car related that I needed.
  Drive it day as a club we had had an invite to Peter Best insurance HQ at Braxted. We had 6 cars head out to this one, an early start and the weather looked a bit dull so we took Harry. It was his first event, a great ride out Janet reports he is lovely and warm. We met at the usual layby and then we headed out to Brian and Jeans to meet up. A quick chat there are they don’t live too far from Braxted and we set off following Brian as he knew the way. What a specular venue it was a great big country house with a big drive to match it. There were a few cars already there but we manged to get on the field next to the house and a short walk back to coffee and bacon rolls that were provided. It was very much appreciated as it was very cold. We had a walk round there was a variety of classic cars.  The girls took to the warm in the cars and we lads chatted all things Harry. the event finished at 12 so it was decided to head to Perry wood garden centre down the road for lunch and very good it was too. We all got in after a little wait. A quick shop afterwards for the girls and then home. A really nice day and I would say Peter Best did us all proud. 
So now we are packing for the isle of Wight trip the 30th can’t wait more next month about the trip.
 Birthdays this month only 2. Jean on the 14th and Janet on the 20th (special one)
 Up and coming. JUNE
Club day Sunday 9th
Epping and Ongar Sunday 16th
Cranham & James Oglethorpe School Saturday 22nd
Old Dagenham Park Saturday 29th
Great Sailing (team up with the rebels) Sunday 30th
North Weald Epping Saturday 6th
Maldon Sunday 7th
Hodderston Saturday 13th
Club day Sunday 14th
Classics on the Common Wednesday 17th
Pegasus on Sunday 21st
Coalhouse fort on Sunday 28th
 Allan & Janet
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