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02 May 2019

N.Ireland May News

It doesn’t seem that long since I last sat down to do the April monthly report for The Courier but here we are again. Hope you enjoyed that report and the photographs of our worthy award winners – well done again to them all. Our March run in the North Antrim hills was very well attended with initially eight crews with us, later joined by Nathan and Peter in their very striking Mazda MX5 soft top. The Spitfire was the top type, with three on display, Tom (J) and Catherine, Robert (T) and Daphne and Simon in his 1500. It was good to see Barry (F)and Elaine bringing Tina on Tour – what a nice colour of a Herald too. The remaining two Triumphs were in the capable hands of Alan (F) and Pam in their Vitesse and Heather and I in the TR6. No roof down, as usual, as Heather had just had her hair done – again! Stephen (K) and Elizabeth joined us in their Toyota jeep along with Ernie (F) and Valerie in their Honda. I must say that it is nice to see members coming on runs even when their Triumph isn’t available.
Meeting once again at the car park at Dunsilly roundabout, and with eating plans sorted with the Countryman, we took off along the tried and trusty A26 towards Ballymena this time making sure everyone knew that we were going the full way around the roundabout and the first left before the Ramble Inn. Taking to a few backroads we criss-crossed the main railway between Antrim and Ballymena on roads that could only be described as slightly uneven and bumpy - perhaps “slightly” is incorrectly used on this occasion.
Passing through the areas of Kellswater and Slaght we once again took to the minor roads between the Toome and Ahoghill main roads. Now going cross country, we then made our way to the Garvaghy Hill and Craigs area, on roads I’d never been on before, and with beautiful views too. Conscious that we were meeting up with Peter and Nathan later, we quickly drove through the townlands of Dunminning and Glarryford towards Dunloy for our afternoon lunch/tea stop at Logan’s of Cloughmills. Most of the men knew it was fatal to stop here but the food is good and, well really, I must do what I am told on the odd occasion.
Our fears were well founded as I was aware that a number, yes more than one, of females did come out with bags under their arms after searching several of the shops. It did give me time to see the new BMW Z4 in the car park and chat to a local fellow owner of a TR6 from the Antrim area. After lunch we took a little trip down the A26 towards Ballymena to meet up with Tom who had to refuel. This little detour nearly resulted in a prang, but I understand that Simon did very well to avoid it - thankfully.
Now taking to our favoured side roads as we took to the Doury Road and Springmount areas towards Lissanoure Castle, still hidden in the trees, as we then made our way towards Armoy. I must admit to a navigation mistake here as we were to take The Park road, but I missed it causing us to drive through Armoy, not good. Back on track we headed towards Ballycastle and our next stop. Rather than take the main road we took to the Hillside Road on our right, as we left the A44. This was quite an interesting piece of roadway as we travelled through the Capecastle area to our next scheduled stop at Ballycastle.
Used the local car park so that several of us, the ladies, could avail of some retail therapy again. We thought for a while we had lost Barry, but he had gone to see a previous neighbour – and got talking, as you do! After a further stop at the bottom of the town to meet up as a convoy we headed back towards Ballymena for a well-earned evening meal. The run “home” was the most direct route bringing us through the Glenshesk river valley to Magherahoney to Corkey and then on to Clough. Rather than going direct to The Countryman for our meal we made our way to the main Cushendall Road, via Cloughwater, just to make the return route that little bit different from the past and arrived dead on 5.30 pm. A good meal was had by all there and the craic was good, with the usual teasing of Nathan about the coleslaw, not to mention the theory test again. A good day and a good turnout of crews and cars.
The April monthly meeting was well attended, and the main discussion related to the Totally Triumph Show at the end of the week, finance, entries and future runs. Still waiting to hear if any of you are going to book for Kilbroney Show, Rostrevor on 15th June so that CCCC can book a club stand along with us. If you are submitting an application for the event show CCCC on it or, Carrickfergus Classic Car Club so that you get to the club stand.
Our annual Totally Triumph Show took place on Sat 6th April in conjunction with the Mayors Show and Fun Day. Entries were down this year, although not too bad, taking into consideration it was being held a month earlier than usual due to the upcoming local elections and that some of our “usual entries” were off the road, as well. Add to that, Chic and Iain not being available from Scotland and the fact that we were programmed before the local Argory and Shanes Castle events, that usually results in us getting a few extra entries for the show. Notwithstanding that, it was a great day with really good weather and the fact that we were, once again, well supported by our southern neighbours. Not only Triumphs, but other makes as well. Thanks again boys. The only “downer” on the day was the security staff employed by the council!
Howard (McM) oversaw the judging and it was very fair to all there on the day. Best sports car was clearly won by Ed McClean in a very tidy TR4A (Photo one here)
with Simon (H) taking runner up spot in a TR6. I normally drive this car but Simon’s GT6, for the day, had fuel problems on the way down and we changed vehicles – lucky sod! Had great problems getting the car to the show and, as it turned out, there was air getting into the fuel system at the filter. Well diagnosed by Laurence, Alan (F) and a few others. (Photo two here)
I understand that Colin (T) had the same problem not that long back too. Runner up spot for the Best Family Saloon was taken by Edgar (P), one of three Amigos - newly formed – in his very tidy 1300. A welcome return to our stage at Wallace Park was Alastair C, in his TR7 and he was rewarded with the runner up trophy in the best modified section of the show. In the Cruised and Used section we had two local winners, with Barry (F) taking the top award (Photo three here)
with TINA his Herald 12/50, with Philip (A) taking the runner up spot in his Herald. Sometimes we call this the Cruised, Used and Abused section, but looking at these two cars they certainly aren’t abused! In the Furthest Travelled section, we had Phil (B) all the way from Letterkenny in his 2000 Estate Mk 2. We always believed that Phil’s Herald had a talked about paint scheme but the 2000 is running it a very close second. If you are looking for a 2000 estate MkII contact Phil, or myself.
Car of the Show is always a difficult decision with some many good cars at the show from north and south, even with depleted numbers at the show this year. Runner Up was Colin (T) in his very, very tidy GT6 MkII with a lovely engine bay. (Photo four here)
I must say that I am very green-eyed every time I look at it. Will have to look up eBay and see what I can order, although I would clearly need a bit of assistance on what I should buy. Outside help needed please!
Car of the Show this year again was a real show stopper in the form of a red Triumph TR3, currently in the ownership of Alan (For) at this moment in time, complete with its genuine Northern Ireland registration plate. (Photo five here)
I might add, and not a criticism of Howard etc, there were many good entries that received nothing on the day, in particular, the Spitfire driven by Peter (M) and the entries from Maeve and Dessie, their Stag and Herald. After the awards all who entered received, even if I do say so myself, a very good finishers award in the form of a TSSC Northern Ireland car cap. Should you wish one, or an extra one, I have a few left over at the most reasonable cost of £10. A big thank you to all who took the time to attend and, even with reduced entries, still make the day such a success. By the way have you heard the one about the fella who lost the keys of his Herald at the show. No bother he had the set of his other Herald in his pocket, so he got home to Carrickfergus OK. Just heard he found the keys of the car he was driving at Lisburn – they were at home all the time. He was a lucky man, wasn’t he Alan!
Coming up soon we have our monthly area meeting on Wed 1 st May, Shane’s Castle, Antrim on Mon 6 th May, our Trunnion Oiling on Sat 11 th May at The Rinkha, Islandmagee and, of course, followed by our Bank Holiday run to Woodenbridge, Vale of Avoca, Wicklow with 10/11 cars and crews already booked. If you can’t manage it, there is Kilbroney Show, Rostrevor on Sat 15th June after our monthly meeting on the 5th. Hope to see you some time in the next few weeks with so much taking place within our club region.
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