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Scottish, Central Area news

27 March 2019

March area news

Summer is looming however as I write we have seen storm
Gareth overnight and my drive back from work down the M77
was not a pleasant one, despite having very good tyres on
my modern car there was much aquaplaning. This may be
a reminder that it is critical that we have the best tyres on
our classics so we can drive in all conditions. Remember to
check the year your tyres were manufactured and that they
are not hardening or cracking. We are a quarter of the way
through 2019 and it feels as though it has not really started
yet despite us having a few good social events already. I
know a few have been out in their cars already when we had
a window of sun, by the time you read this our March breakfast
meet will have taken place at the Riverside Car Museum
in Glasgow. Hopefully there will have been a good turnout
of cars for the event.
A New Meeting Venue was required as I mentioned in last
month’s report The Harvester decided to close at 9pm which
really ruled this venue out to hold our meetings. Trying to find
a suitable meeting venue was much more difficult than we
thought, all the AO’s wracked their brains (probably one
between the 4 of us along with suggestions from some members
on alternative venues for the meets, after visiting several
to assess the suitability we appeared to have found a
good venue. Again it was a Harvester but in Hillington which
is about 200 yards from the Triumph motorcycle garage. The
location for the venue is pretty good for all of us as you are
about 1 minute and you join the M8, is the location aesthetically
pleasing to the eye? The surrounding area isn’t really
as it is on the edge of an industrial estate but it is more
than acceptable and boasts a good-sized car park where we
will be able to park our classics in the better weather. Inside
the venue is spacious with a bar area and a decent restaurant,
the icing on the cake is that we were reserved a pretty
secluded area just of the restaurant that holds in the region
of 25 people. At the end of the quiz night everyone was in
agreement that we use this location for all meet nights and
probably the breakfast meets too. Overall the venue was
voted a success.
March Meet Night saw half a dozen of us turn up for dinner
at our new venue not just because we were hungry but also
to show our appreciation and supporting the Harvester for
securing a good area for our meetings. I think this may be
a standing order before the meets as the food was decent
and fairly priced. Most meet around 6pm for food so feel free
to join in. After food there were 20 of who participated in our
annual quiz event hosted by John and Linda Kelly. Was the
quiz any easier this year, well the first couple of rounds gave
us a comfortable feeling that is was, however in good old
John style we knew it would not last as he increased the level
of difficulty as the rounds progressed. There were 5 rounds
of 10 questions and were executed in the following order,
Dead or Alive, True and false, car names, mystery objects
and some mathematical type questions. 5 teams took part
in the quiz and the order of the night from winners down
were: Sparky 31, Mini Disasters 29, Spitfire 24, and joint
4th was Weirdos from another planet and do lally with 23
points. Well done to Ken’s team on their victory and the
boasting rights for a year.
April Events will kick off with the meeting night on the 4th,
We have no set theme for this meeting and will be a good
old Coffee’n’Chat in our new venue. I suspect we will start
firming up the format for the events ahead and ensuring that
you get your name down early if you are attending.
Drive it Day is on Sunday April 28th and we really have really
been dithering and indecisive this year, is it because the
Fat Lamb weekend last year was such a success for drive it
weekend and would be hard to match? We have taken the
bull by the horns and eradicated that indecisiveness by tasking
David Fray with deciding and organising the day. We will
leave from the Quay Glasgow at 10am and the destination
will be Moffat with lunch at the Star Inn. We would like to
extend the invite to the East Coast meet and suggest that
they meet at the Hawes at 10am. Keep your eyes posted on
the events page on our Facebook group.
Upcoming Events - Dave has been taking names and money
for Glamis, so if you have not yet put your name or money
down then contact Dave ASAP. We have 12 spaces for
Moffat and I have taken the names from the Facebook event
invite, therefore if your name is not on that list please let me
General Chat - I have not been keeping my ear to the ground
this month on who is doing what to their cars, I fitted my new
fuel tank, done the front wheel bearings and replaced one of
the back exhaust boxes as the baffle had gone. I know Iain
has completed a lot of welding on Ronnie’s Mini and Mark
has invested in a rebuilt diff by Mike Papworth, it has been
fitted and all re-bushed and road tested by Mark. Brain had
had his Dolly sprayed and we can’t wait to see the wee car
on the road. Peter replaced his servo and fully bled the system
on his yellow pearl. I will pay more attention next month
on who is doing what or you can just come and tell me!
As usual any items or suggestions for the Area Report then
please let me know.
All the best -


The Next club meet of will be at 7:30 on Thursday 4th
April at The Harvester, Hillington Industrial Estate,
Napier Rd, Glasgow G52 4DR
East Club Meet is at The Hawes Inn South Queensferry
EH30 9TA on Monday 8th April at 8pm
Please join in our social banter at:
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