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South East, Newbury Area news

26 March 2019

March area news

Another busy month for the car club even though we are still
in winter mode. On the evening of the 13th Feb we met at
the Cottage Inn, Upper Bucklebury. In attendance were Dave
and Mary in VW Golf, Ian in Seat, Robin in Mokka, Eric in
VW Polo and Josie and Malc in Zafira. There was much
debate over the MOT exemption certificate that Malcolm
had printed off from the DVLA.gov website. It does not
say send to DVLA, only to present at a Post Office if
renewing road tax. It is all a bit vague but worth carrying in
case the police pull you over. The best way is to MOT anyway.
We also discussed the fact that ethanol in petrol is eating
away at the inside of our rubber fuel lines, someone
should sue! The club shop sells the correct type of fuel line
so it is best to change all the old rubber piping. Robin always
on the lookout for a bargain nearly purchased a TR4 tub but
decided to finish his current project first, or did Emma put her
foot down? A raffle was held by Mary and the first winning
ticket was Mary’s, umm, and she chose the chocolates! Eric
passed on his prize and Ian won the matchmakers. Dave won
a candle in a glass jar and Robin won the fruity soaps, Ideal
for Emma’s valentines present.
It was a gloriously sunny Saturday 23rd Feb as we drove the
TR7, top down up the Harts hill hairpin and hillclimb to the
lunchtime meet at the Cottage Inn, Bucklebury.
As we drove behind the pub and into the field there were at
least 20 classic cars of all marques. The convertibles had
tops down and people were laughing, drinking and chatting
in the sunshine, see photo with Ian’s white TR6 and our Red
TR7 in the background. It seems strange that this time last
year we were suffering the beast from the east with snow
and icicles.
Our next club meet on the 27th Feb at the Downgate,
Hungerford was well attended with Suzie and Guy’s group
joining us. They must have heard about Ian’s picture quiz?
Those present were Graham who walked, Dave and Mary in
Golf TDI Sport, Nigel in RCZ, Ian in TR7, Eric in VW Polo, Roy
in Ford, Tim and Helen in Volvo V40, Suzie and Guy in
Bond 2+2 with a lovely set of wire wheels, Tina and
Tony in Nissan X Trail and Josie and Malcolm in Zafira Turbo.
We all managed to shoehorn into the lower room, some of
us enjoyed the food and the desserts. It was very noisy with
all the chatting.
The picture quiz was a great success with some very obscure
pictures to guess, not only cars but everyday household
objects as well. See photo kindly taken by Dave of some of
us studying all the different photo’s. We worked in pairs and
I teamed up with Tony who may supply Roy with a TR3 wing.
Josie was paired with Tina and neither of us did well, Tony
and I scoring 12 out of twenty. The winners were Nigel and
Ian who gained an incredible 20 so full marks to them.
Our next meetings are
Sunday 7th April – Mystery dinner and tour of Crofton
Beam Engines by Ian
Wednesday 10th April 07.30p.m. Cottage Inn,
Monday 22nd April Spring Vehicle Meet at Newbury
showground 10 am to 4pm. TSSC Newbury stand for
our cars.
Wednesday 24th April 7.30pm. Downgate, Hungerford.
Saturday 27th April 12.00 noon. Cottage Inn,
There was a lot of talk about the shows coming up and
a few that were mentioned were.
Sunday 5th May Lambourn Classic and Country show.
Monday 6th May Popham Airfield Classic car show.
Sunday 2nd June S.H.V.P.S. Classic car show and autojumble,
Horndean, Petersfield. PO8 0QE.
Saturday 8th & 9th June W.A.G.P. Wiltshire show.
That’s all folks, get servicing those classics for the new season.



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